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About us

About Us

About us.

La Casa del Agua was founded with the idea of a new hotel concept, where guests can live the experience of staying in an old style colonial house and enjoy the atmosphere of a real Samarian house, which has open spaces, a library, a dining room, an open kitchen where guests will enjoy the experience of staying at a typical house of this region of the Caribbean.

The name of the house, Casa Del Agua arises as a tribute to the importance of water in Santa Marta, rivers, streams, springs and seas.
Santa Marta is one of the few cities in the world where a mountain are born from the sea to reach the snowy peaks up to 5,700 feet high, that makes this city a special place where earth elements are of vital importance, for this reason La Casa del Agua has water as the core of the building and all the rooms look to the pool. Our five rooms, Prana, Fire, Air, Earth and breeze represent the elements of earth to make this home a comfortable and harmonious.

“Our body is composed of 70% water and the surface of the Earth also has a 70% water. Far from being lifeless water is alive.
Water not only stores information but feelings and awareness, reacting to any stimulus “Masaru Emoto”

Our goal.

The main objective of this concept is to create a hotel experience where guests become a guest house with the amenities of a boutique hotel but with the warmth that comes from being a guest in a house. His living room, the pool and kitchen are integrated in the same environment for guests to share their experience in Santa Marta, the open kitchen allows guests to integrate with the people who will cook for them, and guests can enjoy of meeting other travelers or share in family.
The upper terrace has a large space with barbecue where you can organize dinners with friends if you book the full house!

The house is open to make the Caribbean a place to stay, relax, have fun, work or partying.

About us



The entire brand hotel design, from the logo mark was produced by CD&I Associates, a team of Designers with visionary skills. The hotel can be enjoyed by the lifestyles of all people today.

Sandra Rodil, Hotel Manager